Every favorite T-Shirt has a story and it's those stories that we have a small part in helping to create.

The Hyder's - The Mind & The Heart

About us and the WHY behind the "passion in the print".

TEAM HG - The Amazing crew we get to work with

Owner and founder Bryce Hyder got his start as a teenager working for a small screen print shop in Bend, Oregon. He quickly began realizing his talents and passions for the industry and it has been a growing love affair ever since. It wasn't long before he became one of the best printers in the shop and decided to move west to the heart of Portland. Once in Portland his dream began to take shape. More than a decade later Bryce met and married his best friend and coworker, Alissa, who shared his passion for the art of screenprinting. Shortly after the wedding the Hyders came upon a break in their path and decided that this was the opportunity they were waiting for. They decided to take the giant leap out on their own and fulfill what seemed like an unattainable dream. The dream to one day own a screenprint company that prided itself on having a strong ethical foundation full of awesome people, thriving passion and unmatched quality.

Since opening their doors in the spring of 2006, Hyder Graphics has not only been growing at a healthy and exciting rate, they have also begun to develop a reputation for being flexible, innovative and reliable. A reputation that customers and employees are growing to respect. Most importantly, they are building a reputation that reflects Bryce and Alissa's true heart for this business and the word is spreading like dandelions! c

You can define success in myriad ways, but for us, it's the feeling of comfort you get from creating a favorite t-shirt and the intriguing stories a t-shirt/design can tell. T-shirts come from all sorts of locations, events, subject matter, advertisements, etc, etc...

We love the stories, the memories and meaning that can be tied to a favorite time, location, band, event etc.. and it's that t-shirt we hold onto to remind us of those memories.


We cater to the movers and shakers of the world. Whether it is a major shoe company or a local construction contractor they all have a need for tees and we are here to help.

We work to create that safe, family environment here at Hyder Graphics. A team of people that respect each other and are working to serve each other throughout their days. This same care and respect we have for each other, then influences the quality of work we produce. 

Our customers expect the best and it is our responsibility to serve and produce the best work possible. This is why we also call ourselves "craftsmen". Screen printing is an art form, a trade, a craft and it is also production. Our passion is not just the art on t-shirts but it is also the art of producing t-shirts.

One of the things we repeatedly hear from our customers who visit us at HGHQ is that every time they walk in the door, our crew is always smiling. So powerful that statement is and why we work hard to maintain and improve. This is also why we feel privileged to be able to work everyday with the people that we get to and work for the customers we get to serve.